Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Have the perfect indoor climate in your home every day of the year with an air-conditioning installation that heats, cools, and ventilates
Whisper quiet, state of the art technology. Home air conditioning can reduce your heating energy bills and now via the “Green Deal” the Government has cash back incentives and ways of off-setting heating air conditioning installation costs. Airflow Southwest supply and install the latest systems in homes throughout Devon & Cornwall

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Air conditioning is a vital component in modern offices, with a key role in helping businesses maintain a productive working environment. Air Conditioners do more than cool the air, they also purify and dehumidify removing dust and moisture and creating cool, clean, breathable air. Some models also incorporate heaters which make them a good all year round investment.

Airflow Southwest provides air conditioning for small commercial applications in Devon and Cornwall.

We offer competitive priced quotations for the supply, install and maintenance of air conditioning, once we asses the size and heat gain in your chosen location we will provide you with the necessary units. We work closely with our clients to find the best solution for their business, taking into account budgets, running costs, energy efficiency and the impact that the work itself will have.

Offering expert advice on every aspect of air conditioning. From fully installed systems to portable air conditioning both free standing and semi-installed we also offer air handling units which, in conjunction with existing or new ducting can supply cooled or warmed Air for varied applications.

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    Office Refurbishments

    Office refurbs are a convenient time to get an air conditioning / heating system installed. Various system types can be installed without distruption to your office schedule.

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    New Commercial Developments

    We undertake installs on new commercial (and residential) developments and can assist with the planning and design of systems.

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    IT & Server Rooms

    Modern precision air-conditioning systems reliably look after your IT. Unlike comfort air conditioners, which provide air conditioning for offices, for example, they not only ensure the right temperature, but regulate air humidity and therefore prevent electrostatic charge as well.
    Precision air-conditioning systems are designed for failure-free, continuous operation over many years. Compact versions in rack size can fit anywhere. They work away quietly, reliably and exceptionally economically to keep your IT available at all times.

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    R22 Replacement

    Since 1st January 2015, it has been illegal to use R22 refrigerant to maintain or repair your air conditioning. If your system was installed before 2004, you should be planning to replace it as soon as possible.

    While it is still legal to operate your system, the legislation makes it illegal to use additional R22 gas in maintenance and repairs. That means if you run into a problem, it is likely to be impossible to repair.

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    Maintenance & Repair

    Regular periodic servicing of air conditioning units is strongly advised. This is to ensure it is as safe, efficient and effective as it was when installed. We also provide an onsite repair service if anything does go wrong.

Office Air Conditioning Installation

Whether your project is an office refurbishment or new development, we can install a bespoke air conditioning system to meet your needs. As well as air conditioning for entire offices, we provide self-contained solutions for single spaces, including server rooms, customer areas and specialised facilities.

a typical split air-con system

Ranging from single-room offices to large multi-storey developments, we have years of experience installing air conditioning in commercial buildings. We install all types of system, including single split systems, mutli-splits, VRF/VRV and chillers.

When working in your office, we put your business first and keep disruption to a minimum. Before starting out, we communicate closely with you to arrange a works schedule that suits your business needs. Depending on availability, we can normally provide an out-of-hours service if requested.

We also regularly work alongside large site teams and build effective relationships with architects, office fit-out teams, builders, engineers and other contractors. You can rely on Airflow Southwest to complete our installation according to the programme and enable your project to be completed on time.

Commercial Air Conditioning to Suit Your Budget

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) account for over 50% of energy use in commercial buildings. You can make long-term cost savings by upgrading outdated equipment or installing a more efficient system. The air conditioning units we install are ideal for modern, eco-friendly businesses, seeking to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprints.

Office air conditioning also needs to match your business image. We can build systems to seamlessly blend in with your office design and branding, using wall- or ceiling-mounted units in a range of colours and styles. Control panels can be placed wherever it’s most convenient and modern air conditioning systems can also be managed using PCs, tables and smartphones.

Air Con System Types

All the air conditioners that we install also provide an extremely efficient heating function. Indeed, they are so efficient that when used for domestic applications the government charges just 5% VAT.

Ceiling Cassette

Ceiling mounted cassette air conditioning units are the most popular form of air conditioning in offices, restaurants and shops as they can be mounted centrally in a room. Because they are hidden within a suspended ceiling, they are very discrete and also enables a very even distribution of air flow across the whole room.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted air conditioning units are the most popular choice of air conditioning units. They are usually the most cost effective system, being easy to install with minimal disruption and redecoration required. Wall units can be mounted almost anywhere and can be fitted high up in the room so are discreet and blend into most settings. Many wall mounted systems have the added benefit of being able to heat.


Ducted air conditioning units are designed for both residential and commercial premises. They are ideal for almost any setting as they can be hidden away and silenced but are usually the most expensive option. The huge advantage they have is they can be easily concealed in a false or suspended ceiling, so they can blend in with the interior décor so you won’t even know it’s there.

Under Ceiling

Under ceiling air conditioning units are often installed in larger commercial areas where ducted or cassette systems are not feasible. They are more powerful than wall mounted systems so fewer units are required to cool larger areas. They are also slim so can be installed tight to the ceiling.

The above come in heat mode variants which will warm in winter as well as cool you down in the summer months, reverse cycle units as they are also known are economical, space saving and relatively cost effective to run making them an ideal choice for the office, shop, temporary building and residential.

Caring For Your Air Conditioning

Maintenance & Repair Office air conditioning requires regular service and maintenance. This prevents faults from developing, protects your warranty and ensures your system continues to perform at the highest level. Without regular maintenance, air conditioning can lose 5% efficiency every year and start requiring some expensive repairs. Air conditioning units that aren’t maintained can also cause mould and other microorganisms to develop, leading to allergies, asthma and general irritation among your workforce. Sitting near a dirty air conditioning unit can be unpleasant, cause sickness and affect productivity.

If your office air conditioning develops a problem or displays a fault code, we can pay a visit and diagnose the issue. Wherever possible, we repair systems on our first visit and explain how you can prevent it happening again. To find out more about office air conditioning or book a site survey, get in touch.

Installation & Maintenance

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